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Are you in need of garage door repair services in Buford, GA? If so, our team of experienced technicians is here to help. We offer a wide range of garage door repair solutions that can keep your door functioning properly and get it back up and running in no time. Curb Appeal Garage Door Solutions is your full-service garage door company located just around the corner in historic downtown Buford 30518.

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professional Service for All garage Doors in Buford, GA

When choosing service for garage doors Buford GA has an indispensable source for knowledgeable, friendly service nearby. At Curb Appeal Garage Doors, we understand your time is precious, just like your family's safety. That's why we're proud to offer dependable, affordable service for garage doors Buford, GA. Look for our trucks in your neighborhood today!

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We service CHI garage doors in Buford, GA
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Need garage door service?

Not sure if your garage door needs service? Looking to find "garage door companies near me" can be overwhelming. Please take a look at a few of the main types of garage door repair and replacement services we offer, and get in touch with your nearest garage door repair expert for personalized information.

garage door service in Buford, GA

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of Garage Doors & Openers

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Professional Garage Door Repair Services in Buford

Whether you need simple garage door maintenance or a more complex repair job, our skilled technicians are here to help. All of our repairs are completed with precision and expertise to ensure that your garage door is operating safely and securely.

We use only the highest-quality parts and materials for any job we undertake, so you can rest easy knowing that your garage door will be back in excellent condition in no time.

From problems with the garage door not going up or not closing correctly to spring and cable replacement, we've got you covered for all types of garage door and opener installation or repairs.

Our garage door maintenance services help to avoid unexpected garage door failure and keep your garage door operating safely and securely.


Garage doors, openers, carport conversions and more.


Roll up doors, sectional and full view sectional doors. Commercial operators and more.

Garage door repair

Nearby garage door repair specialists in Buford for when the garage door won't go up or down or when it's just not working right. 

Garage Door Installation

Professional garage door installation from many different national garage manufacturers. Expert  installation services for residential, commercial overhead doors, and custom garage doors. Contact us to find out more about garage door installation cost.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Garage door opener not working? No matter which brand, we offer expert garage door opener repair and installation service near you in Buford, GA.


Most popular garage door place In buford

Complete parts replacement including cables, springs and more.

Garage door repair service includes complete parts replacement, such as the garage door’s cables, springs and panels. Our expert technicians ensure that your garage door is properly balanced and functioning smoothly. Furthermore, our technicians are knowledgeable enough to explain all of your repair options so you can make the informed decision that best suits your needs.

Here are the most common types of garage door services we perform. Depending on what type of garage door you have, you might encounter other issues not included on this list. Don't worry, we can fix those, too! Contact us for a free online estimate for garage door repair.

Torsion spring replacement 

All garage doors have springs or a counter-balance mechanism to take the weight of the garage door. Unfortunately, when a garage door spring breaks it leaves the door too heavy to operate.

broken cable

Steel cables consist of thinner steel strands twisted together. Wear and tear causes the cables to fray and sometimes break.

Garage doors off tracks

Garage doors sometimes malfunction resulting in the door coming away from its tracks. Doors may become stuck or un-level. This is definitely a repair for the pros.

Remotes and garage door openers

Clicker not working? We repair all brands of garage door openers.


Replace your old garage door or opener with a new model from many national brands. Replacement sections available depending on model and specs. We'll paint new garage doors or sections, too.

rotted or loose door jambs

The weather is tough on exteriors. We'll tear out and replace damaged door jambs or adjacent areas so you've got a properly installed garage door that operates safely.


Garage door spring replacement

Because springs are the garage door parts most prone to failure, garage door spring replacement is the most common garage door repair. Here's how you can tell if a broken spring is the cause of garage door problems.

The opener struggles

Once the springs are no longer taking the weight, the garage door should be too heavy for the opener to lift. Using the opener on a heavy garage door can damage the door and opener.

breaks in the coils

If you can see the break in the spring coils, you'll need a garage door torsion spring replacement. Some garage doors have extension springs along the upper tracks. Garage door extension springs can become too weak to function properly instead of breaking.

no tension on the cable

The cables run along each side of the garage door, and are under tension from the springs. When one spring breaks, you may notice the cable is loose, tangled, or disconnected.

Cost of Garage Door Repair: Spring

Garage door repair, torsion spring prices vary according to the garage door's size and model.

Contact us today to request a quote on garage door spring replacement cost.


garage door spring repair in Buford, Ga
We fix garage door spring in Buford, GA
All types of garage door springs
Torsion, extension, and proprietary spring systems.


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How much is garage door repair? Get your free online quote for a new garage door installation or garage door repair service. 

Local and reliable Garage Door Repair and sales Service

Our business owner/operator has worked diligently to provide exceptional repairs and service to our Buford community for over 20 years. Thank you for your continued support! 

Expert Garage Door repair technician

With decades of combined experience, it takes a special garage door to surprise our highly trained and experienced technicians! We welcome new and unique challenges. Got a weird garage door problem? We'd love to hear about it! Challenge accepted!

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Find out why some of our customers have become a part of the Curb Appeal family for over 20 years. Our commitment to world class customer care is second to none. We guarantee your satisfaction after every repair, so you can trust that your garage door is in good hands! Contact us for your garage door repair estimate, today!


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What to expect when you need garage door repairs

The garage door is the largest, heaviest piece of machinery in most homes. You base your plans around its reliability, especially those who use the garage door as the main entrance. When the garage door breaks, it can also break your calendar! Here's what to expect when you're looking for a garage door repair company to come out and service a garage door. 

A guide for garage door service

Does my garage door need service?

Many garage door parts, such as springs, cables, and drums, are under tension. Tampering with or attempting to repair or replace these types of parts poses a risk of injury or even death. We recommend calling in a professional to address this type of malfunction or failure. If the issue seems to be minor, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before you schedule garage door service 

How to troubleshoot a garage door or opener

Before you start investigating, first do a visual check to make sure there are: 

  • No obstructions in the garage door's path,
  • All hinge rollers are still in the tracks,
  • No broken or tangled cables, and
  • No breaks in the spring coils.

When the garage door won't go down

When the garage door doesn't go down, the first thing to check is the garage door opener's safety sensors. All garage door openers made in the last 20 or more years have integrated safety sensors that detect people, pets, or objects in the garage door's path as it travels downward.

How to troubleshoot a garage door problem

The sensors sit at the base of the garage door and point right at each other. When someone interrupts the sensors' beam of light, the garage door reverses and goes back up. When this happens, the garage door opener's lights blink.  

Some manufacturers, such as LiftMaster and Chamberlain, will blink a specific number of times after a safety feature is triggered. Counting the number of clicks or blinks can point directly to the issue and its solution. 

When the garage door won't go up

When the garage door doesn't go up, it's often a result of a broken spring or stripped-out motor. Without adequately functioning springs, the garage door is too heavy for the garage door opener to lift safely. Likewise, a lack of tension can result in the same scenario, even though the spring is still intact.  

You can try disengaging the garage door opener by pulling the emergency release cord, then attempt to open the garage door manually. If the garage door opens manually without much effort, you may have isolated the problem to the door opener. The opener's owner's manual often gives information on what to do in that case. 

Unfortunately, if the garage door is difficult to open or close manually, it's probably time to call the local garage door company. 

Garage door repair vs replacement

Depending on the garage door's condition, you may find yourself in the position of deciding whether to pay for a garage door repair or replacement. It's usually economical to repair broken springs, cables, or garage door hardware. But, when more than one or two sections are damaged or deteriorated, or the garage door is just old and worn out, the garage door and installation cost may provide the best value.  

Here are a few questions to consider when deciding to repair or install a new garage door: 

  • How old are the garage door and opener? 
  • How much longer will the garage door and opener last if repaired? 
  • Are replacement sections and parts available? 
  • If there is more than one garage door, do they need to match? 
  • Is it a specially ordered or custom made garage door? These typically require longer production times. 
  • Once the proposed repairs are completed, will the garage door be reliable?
  • How much would a new garage door and opener cost?
  • Garage door replacement cost vs repairs.

How much does garage door repair cost?

Pricing is probably the number one question we hear from our customers. The average cost of a garage door repair varies in different parts of the country. If you'd like to get an idea about the cost for garage door repair in your area, most garage door companies can provide an estimate either online or by phone. It's easy to get a price for garage door repair, but garage door prices can be tough to compare. It's best if you're armed with a bit of knowledge to tell what's going on and get an accurate cost of garage door repair. It can be helpful to start with what type of garage door and opener you have. 

Is your garage door: 

  • Wide enough for one car or two? 
  • Made of wood or steel? 
  • Having trouble going up or down? 
  • Slower going up or heavier than usual? 

Most garage doors have a garage door opener. The motor is usually mounted on the ceiling just beyond where the garage door stops when opening. Note the opener's brand or manufacturer on the motor, so you can let your local door company know. Chances are, the garage door dealer who fixes garage doors near you will have access to all the parts needed for repairs.

Now, you can compare garage door repair prices and services more efficiently when emailing or calling for information.

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